garlic butter chicken bites

 garlic butter chicken bites


Welcome to our recipe site Focus on Taste! Sometimes I wonder why I show you restaurant-style dishes, but they require a lot of ingredients! My previous butter chicken recipe needed a lot of ingredients and utensils. Why can't it be easy? Why can't we make restaurant-style dishes with ingredients that are easily available at home? We can definitely do it! So  today we're going to cook Butter chicken. So get ready for an amazing recipe!  Basically, I thought that we'd make butter chicken without cream And cashew nuts. We're trying to cook this recipe with easily available ingredients. So to cook butter chicken, you'll need Butter And chicken.

garlic butter chicken bites


  • 600gm bone-in chicken for enhanced taste (4-5 pieces) 
  • 2–3 slit green chillies
  • 1 inch piece ginger
  • 1 tablespoon garlic paste
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • all marination for at least 15–30 minutes

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Marinating the Chicken:-

 1. First, let's start marinating the chicken. Here, you can use ready-made chicken tikka or chicken tandoori. Classically, bone-in chicken pieces are used instead of chicken tikka to cook butter chicken. Bone-in chicken enhances the taste of the dish. So you can use tandoori chicken if it's available. But if it isn't... Then you can order curry-cut chicken pieces. You can easily get curry-cut chicken at the market. Or you can order a whole chicken as well. It was difficult to get a whole chicken of this size!

 2. So first.. I'll show you the procedure for cutting a whole chicken. It's very simple! First, hold it in the middle and pull the pieces apart. Separate the breasts. Then, Hold the legs And press them from the center. Fold it from both side. Separate the drumsticks using your knife. You can use this part of the carcass to make chicken broth or chicken soup. 

3. Let's cut the breast piece. Cut the breast in the middle. Again, cut it from a different angle. I'll keep the chicken drumstick as it is. Now let's start with the marinating. It's a very simple marinade, so pay attention. 

4. Add slit green chillies, ginger, and garlic paste. I'm using approximately 600 grams of chicken. Squeeze some lemon juice into it. The first marinade is ready! You can use whole breast pieces as well. You don't have to chop it into smaller pieces just because I did so. You can chop the breast into two pieces as well. But I felt like chopping the breast pieces, so I did it. Here's our first chicken marinade. Leave the first marinade aside for at least 15 to 30 minutes. If you have sufficient time, then you can leave the marinade overnight as well. But if you don't have time, then marinate the chicken for at least 30 minutes. This releases the flavors. The water released by the chicken pieces will be absorbed by the salt. The flavors will intensify once the water is absorbed, whereas Ginger, garlic, and lemon juice will tenderize the chicken pieces.

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ingredients for  Gravy:-

  • 4 tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon Toast dry fenugreek leaves for aroma
  •  2 medium onions
  • Gradually add curd (3 tablespoons)
  • Create homemade butter chicken spice mix (1 tablespoon)
  • 1 tablespoon red chilli powder
  • 1 tablespoon hung curd

Cooking the Gravy:-

 1. Finely chop the onions. We're not going to boil the ingredients and then grind them into a paste. I feel like cashew nuts and cream coat your taste buds. And because these ingredients coat your taste buds, You're unable to taste the authentic flavors of the dish. All you taste are the fatty flavors of cream and cashew nuts. So isn't it better if we cook the dish without using cream and cashew nuts? It simply enhances the richness, But we can use clarified butter or regular butter for the same! 

2. Here, I'm using fresh tomato puree, which is made with four tomatoes. It would be better if you bought regional tomatoes. But if you're using cardboard tomatoes, then use five tomatoes to intensify the flavors. Or else, you can use four regional tomatoes. 

3. This information is very important... You won't need a mixer or grinder once you start cooking this recipe. Normally, it takes around 1½ hours (90 minutes) to cook butter chicken. But if the chicken is already marinated, you can cook this dish in 40 minutes. Here's a homemade butter chicken spice mix! I'll add some dry fenugreek leaves to it. Toast some of it in a pan. Dry fenugreek leaves are the monopoly of butter chicken! It's alright if you skip the masala. Simply dry toast some dry fenugreek leaves. That alone will be enough!  It would be better if you made the masala. I guarantee you that! 

30 minute garlic butter chicken pad thai

4. Grind it into a fine powder. Start charring a lump of coal on your gas stove. Let's get back to the chicken. It's important to squeeze out the excess water after the first marinade. It's important to get rid of the excess water present in the marinade. If you pay close attention to the steps, Then this dish will turn out to be the best!

 5. Add degi red chilli powder, Ideally, use hung curd. You can't give me excuses like, "We can't cook this recipe because we don't have hung curd." You can use regular curd as well. As I said earlier, you can cook this dish in 40 minutes. Give it some time, and let the chicken marinate for a while. The timer for 40 minutes will begin once I start cooking! But even if you order it, Can you get butter chicken within 40 minutes? Sometimes, even the food delivery apps don't deliver food so fast! Here, you can quickly cook this dish at home! Let the chicken marinate. Until then, let's prepare the gravy.  You're really good at this! Basically, this is the garam masala that will be used to cook butter chicken.

6. Pour some... Clarified butter, Along with some oil. To make sure that the clarified butter doesn't get charred. Add chopped onions to it. Cook it on a medium flame Or a slow to medium flame. Don't cook the onions until they turn a shade darker. Cook until the onions turn transparent. Don't cook the onions until they turn brown. Hence, cook the onions on a medium or slow to medium flame. As soon as the onions turn transparent, Add ginger-garlic paste to it. Don't add ginger-garlic paste in the beginning. Otherwise, the paste will get charred. That's why... Add ginger-garlic paste as soon as the onions turn transparent. Follow the same steps. Cook the ingredients on a slow flame. To make sure that the ingredients are cooked well Without turning brown. Ideally, butter chicken shouldn't be crimson red. Restaurants add food coloring to make it appear more reddish. But authentically, butter chicken has a brownish yellow hue along with a red color. Hence, don't try to make the dish too red. If you want to cook an authentic butter chicken recipe, Because it's important to thoroughly cook the spices. And once the spices get cooked, they will give off a brownish hue. So if you want to make the dish more flavorful, Don't try to chase its red appearance. It's important to cook the onions until they turn softer. Otherwise, chopped onion pieces may hamper the texture of the gravy. 

7. Add the tomato puree once the spices are cooked. I haven't used cashew nuts Or any such ingredients! And... I used three spoons earlier. So I'll add three more spoonfuls of curd to this. Keep cooking the mixture gradually. Add some salt to it. Don't stop the cooking. The smell of raw curd indicates that the gravy isn't cooked yet.

butternut squash butter chicken

8. Once the gravy is 50% or 60% cooked, cook the gravy on a slow flame, or you can turn off the flame as well. That's because we're going to cook the gravy along with the marinated chicken. That's when the gravy must be finished! If you completely cook the gravy earlier, Then the gravy will get overcooked until the chicken pieces get cooked. This will hamper the flavor of the dish. You can cook the chicken pieces on an air fryer, Or you can cook the pieces in an oven as well. Or you can simply pan-fry the chicken pieces. Ensure that the chicken isn't cooked to 100%. I've already said you! The oil that was used in the marination will help the chicken get cooked. The butter chicken masala is ready as well! Add some water to the gravy, and then add the chicken pieces. This step will elevate the flavors of the dish! That's why I asked you to cook the gravy until it is 50% to 60% cooked. This is the main step to enhancing the flavors. The leftover masala scrapings Are the monopoly of this dish! And it's done! If the chicken is half-done in your gravy, Cook the gravy for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Look at its beautiful color! 

Add the prepared masala to the gravy. This masala contains cardamom, dry fenugreek leaves, and other spices. Mix the masala with the gravy. I haven't used whole spices while cooking the gravy. That's why I'm adding the prepared masala to this. It will enhance the color of the gravy. And give the gravy a deep flavor. I always say this... Butter chicken is supposed to be ketchupy. It should be a combination of sweet and savory! If the tomatoes aren't sweet enough, then you can use substitutes to enhance the sweetness as well. Since this dish contains fewer onions, You can either add honey, sugar, or jaggery. If you wish, you can add some cream to this, Or you can simply finish it with some beaten curd. It will enhance the glaze of the dish! We're going to infuse a smokey and buttery flavor into the gravy as well. How? Place a small bowl in the middle. Place a lump of charcoal in the bowl. Add some cloves And some butter. Add some butter to the gravy as well. Ideally, tandoori chicken is used to cook butter chicken because of its smoky flavor. But you can follow this step as well to infuse smokiness into the dish. I've been cooking this dish for 55 minutes. But I had to reshoot some shots, and I've been talking to you as well. You won't have to do this! I'm sure you can cook this in 45 minutes. I trust you! 

Give it a mix to evenly spread the smoky flavor, And then start with the plating! Some prefer adding boneless pieces to this recipe. Some prefer using the meat of precooked, bone-in tandoori chicken to enhance the flavors. But until the gravy is cooked with bone-in pieces, The gravy has to be 50% cooked with bone-in chicken pieces For you to get the flavors of the chicken. Otherwise, the gravy will turn out to be bland and flat. The smoky flavor of cooked chicken is the monopoly of the gravy! That will only happen when you cook the chicken with the bones in the gravy. Butter chicken is incomplete without the smoky flavor of cooked chicken. Otherwise, the dish will turn out to be bland. You can garnish the dish with beaten curd. Top it with a coriander sprig! There is no butter chicken without Butter! Here goes the butter. The original story of butter chicken is that Butter chicken was cooked with leftover tandoori chicken at Moti Mahal. Leftover tandoori chicken was cooked in a gravy. Back then, I'm very sure that mixer grinders weren't invented. Basically, the cooked gravy wasn't finely blended in a mixer grinder. Hence, authentic butter chicken must have a slightly coarse texture. That's why I keep telling you that if you cook butter chicken without a mixer grinder, Then it will be closer to authentic Delhi cuisine! 

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 So I hope you enjoy the recipe! Do try it out! Sweet and savory, Made without cashew nuts, Without cream, Without a mixer grinder, And can be made without tension as well! This is homecooked restaurant-style butter chicken! I'm sure you'll definitely like the recipe! 

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